Course Description

Strong communication skills are extremely important both in your private and business life. Effective communicators have stronger relationships, make more money and achieve higher goals than those who struggle with people skills. Charisma has been boiled down to a science and can be learned by anyone. This course

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Body Language Training

    1. Reading Body Language - Become An Accurate Body Language Reader

    2. Reading People - Become An Accurate Body Language Reader! - (w/ Public Speaking Tips)

    3. Introduction To Lie Detection

    1. Become a Memorable Presenter: How to give an amazing presentation by Brenda Benham

    1. How to shift from conflict to connection

    1. The Resilient Mind - How to increase your confidence, like yourself more and achieve inner peace

    1. Speak With Confidence - How to speak so people want to listen!

    2. Becoming Charismatic: How to develop a magnetic personality

About this course

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  • 14 lessons
  • 34.5 hours of video content